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February 27, 2006

3L Epiphany: Dialogue: Blogs and Debate Boards in the Classroom

The trouble w/students blogging about a law school class is that it would take the prof an unwieldy amount of time to evaluate and track participation. My school already has discussion boards for each class and a handful of profs require 2 or so posts/semester from each student. For some classes it's worthwhile, but for the most part the professors tell you that it's a pass/fail thing -- if you do it, you get credit. That means the quality of the posts varies pretty widely and is not necessarily useful. Plus, there's really no way to track whether anyone is reading the posts others have made. So while I agree that more online participation (via blogs or discussion boards) could be valuable to law school classes, I just don't think it would work unless classes were really small (e.g. a dozen students or less), and/or profs had a dedicated team of RAs or something to monitor quality and quantity of participation.

Posted by mowabb at February 27, 2006 11:09 AM