One Year Anniversary Update (03-10-05):
As you can see from the "Basic Idea" introduction below, I started posting a daily photo exactly one year ago today. Three hundred and sixty-five photos later, I'm still having fun, so here's to another year. I've found that knowing I need at least seven "good" photos each week encourages me to take more pictures (I took something close to 3,000 last year alone), and that just increases the odds that I'll get a few really memorable ones now and then. Although I haven't received a lot of feedback on this project, I do always appreciate comments, even if they just say "nice photo," so please do say hello if you ever see something that you like. Tips for taking better photos are also always welcome. I remain committed to being a casual photographer, but I'm always happy to learn simple methods for improving my shots.

New for 2005 is a growing list of links to other photoblogs I enjoy checking in on when I get the chance -- you'll find it on the Archives page. I've also recently begun categorizing the photos and the archives are now broken down into monthly pages, as well as category pages, for whatever that's worth. The equipment powering the project remains largely unchanged except that I now use Text Wrangler to edit the templates and Easy Batch Photo to resize the images. You may also notice that the vertical photos are now larger; instead of resizing so the vertical photos are only 480 pixels tall, they are now 640x480, just like the horizontals. This may make them harder to view on extremely small monitors, but it always seemed like the verticals were being short-changed when they had to be sized so small before, so now they're even with their horizontal friends.

Basic Idea:
Very simple. I'm trying to post an image every day for ... a while. The goal is also to take at least one picture nearly every day, and to post them reasonably close to the day they were taken. I'm blatantly copying Ten Years of My Life because I think it's so damned cool. Probably the big differences are obvious: Matthew Haughey is a much better photographer than I am and his pages look lots nicer. He probably also has a more interesting life. So if you think the idea is neat, but you're not thrilled with the aesthetics here, go there. But and so, anyway, thanks for the idea, Matt. (Not surprisingly, I've also learned there is a great quantity of prior art, but Ten Years of My Life was the trigger for me, so that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.)

Thus far all the photos have been taken with a Canon Powershot S400 Digital Elph which my lovely girlfriend gave me for my birthday last year (2003). It's a terrific little camera with more options than I know how to use -- I'm a complete amateur, remember -- all packed into a beautiful and tiny package. These pages were coded using PageSpinner on a "late 2001 Dual USB" iBook, so of course I use iPhoto to catalog, crop, and "enhance" the pics. The small and simple freePhotoConverter 2 resizes and compresses the images, and ecto efficiently accomplishes all uploading and posting of images and text. (ecto is, quite simply, the best OS X desktop blogging client on the planet!) Does that sound complicated? It really isn't, but if you have suggestions for streamlining that workflow, please let me know.

If you'd like to say hello, please do so via the comments link for your favorite photo. Your comment will be emailed to me lickety-split-like. If you'd prefer, you can always directly.

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