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September 18, 2002

Satire Lives!

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for The Borowitz Report, purveyors of fine satire. [via Scott Rosenberg]

If you like your humor dark and irreverent, head for the Borowitz take on Iraq's offer to allow weapons inspections, which features a sulking Dick Cheney. Good stuff—almost ranks right up there with Get Your War On, the latest installment of which is a brilliant flashback to the 80s:

Sorry Charlie! Saddam is our friend because he's fighting IRAN that is our foe!!! —do you want to help me sell Saddam more BRUCELLA MELITENSIS??? Frankie say "Relax"

Yeah, and then Frankie say, "Don't do it." But then we did. And then, Oops, we did it again! (Ok, I'll stop...)

Posted September 18, 2002 01:15 PM | general politics

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