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October 23, 2002

Busy Busy Busy

Hi. I'm not dead, although this blog has been. I hope to get back to regular posting next week. At the moment I'm cracking out a few law applications with the silly idea of maybe making some early-decision deadlines. My fingers are crossed and all that (which makes it hard to post to a blog, you know?).

A bit of fun to tide you over: Fans of Wallace and Gromit will be happy to hear they're headed for the big screen in a couple of years. For now, you can get a taste of wacky British animated fun by watching their brand new short, "Soccamatic". It's no "The Wrong Trousers," but it's still good fun.

On the comic-strip front, "Get Your War On" is back with a new installment covering a selection of recent world events in its signature, idiosyncratic way. And if you're a true fan, you can now buy the book.

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