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November 06, 2002

Under Cover of Election

While most of the country, and certainly the media, has largely been preoccupied with the elections, the Bush Administration has quietly been doing its dirty work. That work includes continuing preparations for war [via Two Tears In a Bucket] and pulling together a long action agenda [via E Pluribus Unum] to radically change life as we know it in the U.S. The changes the Republicans plan—and which we will surely see—are radical, but they are also brilliant for being largely incremental advances and intensifications of steps we've already taken down these "conservative" roads, therefore they won't look so radical to the average American. As Joe Conason says:

From drilling in Alaska to regressive taxation to unilateral war, the agenda of the corporate and religious right will shape our future.

Again, I say, the people who will suffer most from this agenda are the proverbial "least among us," who are not even on the Bush radar screen. (See today's "The Boondocks" to see what I mean. Sorry, I can't find a permalink, so just look for the strip from 11/6/02.)

Update: I recommend Jason Rylander and Jeff Cooper for more good links and commentary on the election.

Posted November 6, 2002 02:11 PM | general politics

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