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May 14, 2003

1L Externship How-To

Here's how one Mid-top-tier 1L got an externship with a federal judge in his/her city of intended practice:

I found the list of federal judges in the city I wanted on another law school's website. I wrote a cover letter, only personalizing with name and address. On December 1, the first day 1Ls can contact employers, I sent 60 judges packets containing: a) cover letter, b) resume, c) grad school transcript, and d) a writing sample from my legal writing class. I received 7-8 interview offers and a few "send me your grades when you get them and we'll see." I scheduled the interviews for Xmas break, flew out there, and got an offer in my first interview merely because the judge knew someone who enjoyed their time at my UG. I accepted on the spot, and cancelled the other interviews.

For all 1L job hunt stuff--judge or firm--I think the key is to start preparing in September or October: generating your lists, getting your materials together, etc. You don't want to deal with this stuff during midterms. When December 1 rolled around, I just had to drop the envelopes in the mail. Others in my class hadn't even considered the summer yet and had less luck. Many still don't have jobs.

Sounds like a plan. Many other comments in the thread agree that getting application packets out early (Dec 1) is key. [Link via jd2b.]

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