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March 04, 2004

Boing Spring Boing

The weather in DC recently has been perfect. I want it to be like this all the time. The daily temps have been ideal for shorts and a light shirt and jacket while it cools off just enough at night to remind you this isn't summer yet. Plus, it's been raining at night (very early morning), then clearing through the day, allowing us to wake up mornings to a crisp, clean, shiny new city. The trees are budding and the moisture on the grass gives it a healthy, organic scent, as if to say: "Hello, the process of turning green has now begun." Or something like that. It's just wonderful.

It reminds me of living in the Berkeley hills in, oh, about March or April of 1997. I'd wake up to the sound of water dripping on the roof from the night's rain, and my little apartment would be surrounded by fog. The bike ride to work was brisk and refreshing, and by the time noon rolled around the sun was out and the temperature would be somewhere around the mid-60s. It was like living in paradise, in a way.

Why can't D.C. be like this year-round?

Posted March 4, 2004 10:44 AM | life generally

It's supposed to be 68 degrees here today, back in the Midwest. And then it's supposed be 35 degrees and snow on Monday or Tuesday. The trees here aren't stupid enough to bud yet, though I spotted a few intrepid daffodils coming up outside my building the other day. I fear they're in for a rude awakening next week. :)

Boing, boing...hee!

Posted by: raquel at March 5, 2004 10:14 AM

who would want any weather year-round? seasons make living exciting.

Posted by: monica at March 5, 2004 01:44 PM

Yeah, it's supposed to drop about 40 degrees by next Wednesday here.

Seasons are fun, sure. I love fall, and I love winter if I'm someplace where I can ski. And then winter makes me love spring. But I guess if I have to live in D.C., I'd be pretty happy if the temperature wouldn't fluctuate more than 20 degrees all year, say from about 50-70. That would still allow seasons, they just wouldn't be so extreme. Maybe I should move back to California...

Posted by: ambimb at March 5, 2004 05:40 PM

Barring winters like last year (when we had a blizzard every weekend in February--the thought of digging my car out yet again so I could go to work literally made me cry), the thing I hate most about winter is the darkness. This is especially true now that I am in an office with no windows and thus spend a good portion of the season never seeing daylight. It's cruel that the places I love the most (upstate New York, Vermont, northern Wisconsin) are also subject to long, dark, snowy winters. I'd never make it if I lived there.

But living someplace without significant seasons would be very weird for me.

Posted by: raquel at March 7, 2004 10:34 AM

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