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March 20, 2004


One year ago today the U.S. launched a unilateral war of aggression. That action alone should be enough to hand this fall's Presidential election to the Democrats on a silver platter. But guess what? The Democrats are continuing to squander prime opportunities to make their case against Bush. Making that point, Salon's "War Room" writes:

Particularly on national security, Bush was vulnerable this week, with stepped up bloodshed in Baghdad, the aftermath of a terror attack in a Western capital, a European ally thrown out of office, and a poll showing we're alienating the world. A unified, on-message Democratic Party would have seized the opportunity to show America how they'd lead differently. But just in time for the anniversary of the Iraq invasion -- a critical moment for Americans to hear from their leaders -- and as his conservative critics go to town, Kerry is having downtime on the slopes in Idaho. Everyone needs a break, and no one knows that better than our vacationer-in-chief George W. Bush, but maybe this isn't the time. (Is this really the kind of photo Kerry wants publicized right now? The world remembers the Iraq invasion and ponders the state of international security, and Kerry jumps on a snowboard ... )

That's right. A year ago today Bush started a war that has become a quagmire, at best, and instead of making sure voters understand why the war was such a mistake, Bush's opponent in the campaign for the White House is snowboarding. Sure, it's cool to think our next President can snowboard. Neat. But right now?!?

It's times like this I think Democrats deserve to be the minority rather than the majority party. Sheesh.

Posted March 20, 2004 10:54 AM | election 2004

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