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July 12, 2004

Police Ride-Along

Hey, I'm going to spend tomorrow morning riding around the dirty streets with some of our city's finest (police persons, that is), so here's your chance: What have you always wanted to ask a cop (but were always afraid to ask)? Send your questions in ASAP (before about 7 a.m. tomorrow morning) and I'll ask them. Of course, if asking your question will get me locked up or otherwise jeopardize my office's "good" relationship with the police, I may have to decline, but that should still leave plenty of leeway. Sorry about the short notice, but if you read this before 7 a.m. Tuesday, send me a question and I'll have an answer for you tomorrow night.

One of my fellow interns recently did a ride-along and her host started talking about what a great "polygraphist" the department has. She was a little surprised to hear this, but was even more shocked when the cop gushed: "Yeah, he's so good he'll have you confessing to all kinds of things you never did! He just asks you some questions, and pretty soon you don't even know whether you did those things or not -- he's that good!" I doubt I'll get any great material like that (or if I'll be allowed to write it down if I do), but we can hope.

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