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September 12, 2004

Reality is good

L. and I had the pleasure of meeting The Scoplaw and In Limine for coffee yesterday, and it was terrific to finally meet two bloggers I‘ve been reading for some time. We met at Tryst, but not surprisingly it was packed so we crossed the street to The Left Bank, which turned out to be a calm, airy place to chat. The Scoplaw and In Limine are both 1Ls at GULC, but they both seem to be taking the first year in stride—busy, taking things seriously, but keeping it all in perspective. The Scoplaw is enrolled in the infamous “Section 3,” which I guess is officially called “Curriculum B”:

Curriculum “B” was developed in 1991 by a faculty committee charged by the Dean to comprehensively rethink the first year of law school and offers an innovative and integrated approach to the study of law. ... The “B” curriculum, available to one section of full time students, requires seven courses different in emphasis from those in the “A” curriculum: Bargain, Exchange, and Liability; Democracy and Coercion; Government Processes; Legal Justice Seminar; Legal Practice: Writing and Analysis; Process; and Property in Time. The “B” section emphasizes the sources of law in history, philosophy, political theory, and economics. It also seeks to reflect the increasingly public nature of contemporary law.

In other words, the “B” curriculum (which all the GULC students I’ve met just call “section 3”) sounds like a dream curriculum to me, and the more I learn about it the more jealous I become of the lucky students who get to take it. Which would you rather take, Contracts and Torts (boring blackletter bullshit), or Bargain, Exchange, and Liability? And any class named “Democracy and Coercion” has got to be terrific. *sigh* If only my LSAT had been a few points higher...

But, and so, I look forward to hanging out with The Scoplaw and In Limine again sometime so we can continue plotting our route to complete world domination.

But in addition to making me pine for an alternative law school curriculum, coffee yesterday also made me wonder: Where are the GW blogs? If you check out The Scoplaw‘s blogroll, you’ll see nearly a dozen blogs by GULC students. If you check out my blogroll, on the other hand, you‘ll see one blog by a former GW student: Life, Law, Libido. There’s also one blog by a current GW student, Veritable Cornucopia, but it hasn‘t been updated since May. So I’m wondering, are there others I don‘t know about? Unfortunately, if I search for “gw blogs” I get lots of stuff about GW Bush, and that’s really not what I‘m looking for.
Is there something about GW students that makes them less likely to blog? Or, is there something about GULC students that makes them more likely to blog?

I do not know. It would be interesting to try to create a school-by-school blawg directory—has someone already done that? According to the blogroll at Cooped Up, IU Indianapolis also has a large number of blogs. So why do some schools have lots of blogs, and others so few?

Anyway, if you’re a GW law student w/a blog, hello! How ya doin‘? Please say hi sometime!

Posted September 12, 2004 10:20 AM | law school meta-blogging

I found

Posted by: Phil at September 12, 2004 04:44 PM

Hi. I am an evening 1L at GW, and I am a blogger. I haven't done much to advertise my blog, though, because if I know that nobody is reading, I don't feel obligated to post often.

Posted by: idlegrasshopper at September 12, 2004 08:37 PM

Phil: Dubitante is a Georgetown blog, I'm pretty sure. Do you know of any other blogs by students at George Washington U. Law School?

Too many George-related names in this damned city.

Mr. Grasshopper! Welcome! Do you think there's something wrong with us? Did we not get the memo about no blogging at GW?

Posted by: ambimb at September 13, 2004 07:14 AM

Gosh...I'm so jealous of that curriculum. It does remind me a bit of the Boalt curriculum which emphasizes philosophy and other humanities in conjunction with law. A guy I know who is a professor there teaches Nietzsche to law students.

God is dead. And it was wrongful death.

Posted by: Cinnamon at September 14, 2004 12:00 PM

There's definitely something wrong with me, memo or no. I know of one other GW 1L blog, but it hasn't been updated in three weeks or so.

Posted by: idlegrasshopper at September 15, 2004 12:09 AM

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