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September 19, 2004


FYI: The Next Big Thing is a cool radio show. I especially like the “Use It Or Lose It” feature, wherein “activist lexicographer” Erin McKean gives a writer a handful of words to use in his/her next novel or magazine or newspaper article. This week's words were lovertine (someone addicted to lovemaking), esprise (obsolete verb meaning “to inflame with love,” usually used in the passive, as in, “she was esprised and taken with his love”), and kakistocracy (a government run by its worst citizens). Hey, we're living in a kakistocracy! See why this show is great? McKean has also co-edited 1001 Legal Words You Need to Know. Do you know them all?

Posted September 19, 2004 10:50 AM | life generally

Hey amibib--just a quick note to say thanks for taking a look at my blog, etc. I think I heard about this radio show (or actual bits of it) on the actual radio, in addition to seeing it on ai a week or so ago. Actually, I do check in here pretty regularly, though I never (or hardly ever) leave comments. I'm terrible with those. The worst. But I've probably read or read-over 90% or so of your postings here. (AI is a very polished and cool blog, need I say? Even despite all that law business...)

Anyway, I hope you and L are doing well out East. I just emailed the (ex?) Viper today. I occasionally entertain ideas of visiting DC, in which case it would of course be great fun to say hello.

Ok, this has officially morphed from a comment into an email, but we'll let it stand, as they say.

Best wishes,
wb (yes, washburn an odd handle. I may change it yet).

Posted by: washburn at October 3, 2004 09:56 PM

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