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October 04, 2004

Over the Weekend...

New phones: After 19 months with Sprint, L. and I have switched to Verizon phones. We traveled all the way to Alexandria (so far!) to find the nearest Verizon store and ended up with the LG VX600 picture phone. It's pretty low on geek-cool factor, but I discovered it has an active Yahoo Group for geeks who like to play with their phones. It's also compatible w/an open source program called BitPim, which is supposed to allow you to back up your contacts and pics and text messages, and to upload your own ringtones. I might invest in a data cable to see if it works, because I really need more toys to play with so that I get even less work done. Judging the ADR competition: I “judged” two rounds of the Alternative Dispute Resolution competition Saturday, which I wrote a little more about here. Protesting: The IMF and World Bank protests were this past weekend, but they haven't been a very big deal, it seems. The police have made far bigger problems than the protesters ever could have, but the protesters have made some important statements, nonetheless. Smoke Marijuana, Die in Jail: This is one of the saddest stories of overzealous criminal prosecution and the dangers of our current drug laws that I've seen in a long time. How could this judge have possibly felt that a jail sentence of any length was appropriate punishment for a quadriplegic found in a stopped vehicle—even if there was a loaded gun in the car? Yeah, someone was breaking the law w/that car and gun, but it sure as hell wasn't Jonathan Magbie. So, so, sad. More, including some crazy comments, from TalkLeft.

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I've got Verizon, too. Does that mean we can call each other now for free? :)

Posted by: raquel at October 4, 2004 10:28 AM

Yessiree, I do believe so! It seems hard to believe, but this is how they describe the whole "IN Calling" thing:

"Call any Verizon Wireless customer anytime, anywhere from the National IN Calling Coverage Area without using your allowance minutes."

So I guess we'll be talking soon -- for free!

Posted by: ambimb at October 4, 2004 10:35 AM

But I want to talk too...(looks sadly at ground, scuffs dirt with foot in sweeping motion, sighs heavily....again)

Jen and I are actually going to be getting cell phones pretty soon so as to better coordinate my panicked response to the blessed event. I don't know that we can afford one of those fancy phone plans though unless we drop the land line, which I suppose is doable since we have the cable modem. Do either of you do that? If so, how has it worked out? Also do you know of any good sites for comparing plans/phones/etc.? Some sort of photo phone would probably be good as that would enable us to snap pics of the young one with which to annoy friends and neighbors.

Posted by: Famous P. at October 4, 2004 11:50 AM

i have verizon, too, and have had no problems with it at all.

i also scrapped my land line at the beginning of last year, and haven't looked back. go for it! it's seriously just a waste of money once you're calling on cell phones (it's cheaper) and don't use it for internet either.

Posted by: monica at October 4, 2004 08:55 PM

ai, you'll have to let me know if your/L.'s numbers have changed. (Also, I've got E. all hot on the idea of a photo blog, so we should talk anyway soon. :) )

Famous p, you might find it's cheaper than you think. The only reason I still have a land line is because I am a dinosaur with dial up. I use my cell phone for all long distance, which saved me a bunch. You could likely find a plan for under $30/mo., and you might want to look into those family plan deals.

Forget about the pricey photo phone and save the cash for a digital camera. :)

Posted by: raquel at October 5, 2004 01:32 PM

Raquel is correct: The photo phone is much more than it at first seems. First, the quality of the photos is pretty poor (I'll post one soon so you can see what I mean), but second, they charge you every time you send one to someone -- even yourself (like to your email address as a way to get it out of the phone). You can buy a cable to copy photos off your phone directly to you computer and then email them to people or post them online, but if you're going to do that, why not just buy a digital camera and do the same thing? At least then you'll have good photos to start with.

But L. and I have lived w/out a landline for the last 15 months or so and it's been fine. We finally ordered one the other day so we can get DSL internet, but the basic phone line is only $6/month, so that's no big deal. I don't know of any sites w/good comparisons of plans, but what matters most (I think) is who has the best coverage where you are and where you plan to call the most. You just have to check the different vendors for their coverage maps, but also post a message to something like Craigslist or the local equivalent -- actual cell phone users will be the best authority on what's best in your area.

Posted by: ambimb at October 5, 2004 02:52 PM

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