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June 06, 2005

More Apple, Cops with Guns, Torture, and more...

  1. The NY Times is corroborating the story that Apple is switching to Intel chips and it's not hedging by suggesting that this is just for something peripheral like Wi-Max. Can it really be true? Daring Fireball doesn't think so; he's betting a dollar that what's really going on is that Apple has hired Intel to produce PowerPC chips.
  2. Cop shoots his own leg while giving a gun safety demonstration to a classroom of kids and adults.
  3. What is torture?
    While the public expressed outrage at the photographic evidence of torture at Abu Ghraib, the writers and architects of U.S. torture policy have been largely forgiven. Many have been promoted. There is something about bare-bones legal analysis that immunizes—even sterilizes—the contents of the message.
    [link via Balkinization
  4. This is a few days old, but GW Law School has named Frederick M. Lawrence, Boston University professor of law, as its new dean. [link via JD2B]
  5. Have you played the Bush Brain Game?
  6. The Volokh Conspiracy is having a “VC Happy Hour” this Thursday in D.C. Is Eugene Volokh flying in from the west coast?
  7. Random lists like this really mess w/Google's ad bots—they can't figure out what to try to sell you.
  8. Fundable is a new way of trying to raise money online for some specific purpose. It looks pretty cool.
  9. GULC rising 2L Swanno has started a new group blawg currently called Postmodern Law. That could be interesting.

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