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June 20, 2005

About that Journal Thing

This weekend was a beautiful one here in D.C. After the last week of brutal heat and humidity, the last three days or so were absolutely heavenly—temperatures in the 70s and low 80s, relatively low humidity. . . to me it felt like October, which is often my favorite time of year. All of which explains why I am so not a friend of the journal right now, because instead of spending the weekend out and about enjoying the terrific weather, I spent it inside at my computer grading procrastinating grading journal write-on competitions. (And look—DG had to do it too!) Oh yeah, sure, I could have done this weeks ago so I would now be free to enjoy this wonderful weekend, but come on—would I do something today that I could put off until tomorrow? Of course not. That would just be too easy and make too much sense.

But hey, instead of feeling bad about being such a pathetic procrastinator I'd rather project my faults onto a terrific little scapegoat and say: Journal sucks. Don't do it.

p.s.: I'm on what is possibly the easiest journal in the history of journals and will actually end up doing very little for my four journal credits and that line on the resume, so in the bigger scheme of things I recognize that this whole journal dealio isn't bad. But I'm not thinking big scheme right now, ok?

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