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September 07, 2005


So are you wondering how you could help some of the people most seriously affected by Katrina? How about making sure all the homeless kids from the region have a terrific Christmas? That's Law-Rah's plan -- she's abandoning her blog for now to start a new project, and it looks like it could be a big one.

Say hello to Caravan4Christmas:

Instead of writing a check to one of the numerous charities, I intend to put my money to a different use. I am going to rent a truck and drive a “Caravan 4 Christmas” to those most affected by Hurricane Katrina. I am willing to rent the largest truck I can find if you are willing to help me fill it. If I can get people to help out and we can make this effort as big as possible, I firmly believe we will be able to make a difference this holiday season.

Law-Rah's already getting lots of support on the project but she's depending on getting everyone she can to participate to make this as successful as possible. At this point there's no address to which you can send gifts or toys or whatever, but I'm guessing that will come soon. Just watch the Caravan4Christmas blog for more details as they develop and let Law-Rah know if you think of ways you could help out.

Posted September 7, 2005 09:47 AM | ai action alerts

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THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We are having a planning meeting on Sunday and should be able to come forward Monday with a real website, progress on a 501(c)3 and a plan of attack. I will keep you posted and really appreciate your help!

Posted by: Law-Rah at September 7, 2005 12:51 PM

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