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July 13, 2003

Sunday Fun

From one Mr. X in today's email:

  1. Go to
  2. Type "weapons of mass destruction" in the box (no real quotes necessary).
  3. Click on "I'm feeling lucky."
  4. Enjoy!

Thanks Mr. X!

But I still can't figure out why Americans seem to just think this is funny. Why don't people get angry about the fact that they were lied to?

But if you prefer to laugh at things that would otherwise make you mad, treat yourself to this joke, which I first heard from a retired Wyoming oil patch worker. A horse's ass and a cowboy hat pretty much sums it up. Here's another good one:

WASHINGTON, March 24 (Reuters) - A tragic fire on Monday destroyed the personal library of President George W. Bush. Both of his books have been lost. Presidential spokesman Ari Fleischer said the president was devastated, as he had not finished coloring the second one.

Poor Yubbledew!

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