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December 12, 2003

Goodbye Contracts I

The Contracts final yesterday was about as fun as standing beneath a shower of canned goods for three hours, but it's over. Stay of Execution says it's normal to feel like you've been dragged behind a bus after you take a final. I didn't really get that feeling after the Torts final last Tuesday, but yesterday, yeah, kinda like that.

For the entire semester I sat in Contracts class and thought how simple and easy it all seemed, but then I got to the exam and, well, let's just say I had a great teacher who made it look easy. I've learned a lot this semester about what I need to study and how I need to study it, and especially about how to organize my notes and outline as I go, so I'll look forward to Contracts II next semester. I mean, I don't have much choice, do I?

Now it's time to party on to Crimlaw and CivPro. Both are 3-hour funfests; Crimlaw will allow book only (no notes or additional materials), while CivPro is open note, open book. I'm kind of looking forward to Crimlaw—it's been my favorite class all year. But CivPro? Mega-ugh. If anyone out there likes CivPro, I'd love to hear something that might make me care about this subject. I mean, the way my prof taught it, the whole subject seems to be a way for lawyers and parties to avoid dealing with the merits of disputes by screwing around with procedural hocus pocus. Sure, jurisdiction and the due process the rules are ostensibly meant to ensure are vital the justice of our system, but in my ideal world, I'd be able to leave the procedural issues to someone else. If wishes were fishes....

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