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April 06, 2004

GW EJF Auction

Hi. Apologies for the radio silence. ai has temporarily taken a backseat to other things, most notably the Equal Justice Foundation Public Interest Auction at GW. Much like similar student groups at many other law schools, GW's EJF holds an auction every year to raise funds for those working in the public interest during the summer. As part of that effort, GW's EFJ has opened eight eBay auctions so that anyone, anywhere, can contribute to this good cause:

Do you have family or friends who need a terrific hotel to stay in when they come to D.C.? Do you know any country music fans, REM fans, Washington Caps fans, Baltimore Ravens fans, or Elizabeth Dole fans?

If so, the EJF has just the thing for you: The First Annual EJF eBay Auctions!

Faithful and generous ai readers:

Although I've tried to avoid begging you for cash on a regular basis, for this I make an exception. Can you help out the GW EJF by bidding on one of these eBay auctions or passing the links on to someone who might? It's a great cause, your bids (up to fair market value) are tax deductible, and if you're a fan of one of the stars or teams mentioned above, you'll get a great collectible for your efforts. But hurry, the auctions will close very soon!


Note: ai will return to its regularly scheduled programming sometime next week. Maybe. I hope. Of course, I hear finals are three weeks away, so no promises at this point...

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