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September 26, 2004


One: The internet is down in our apartment. Again. Two: The job interview last week obviously didn't go as badly as I'd thought (or perhaps the competition wasn't very stiff) because I got the job. This is good, I think. Three: I frequently wish I lived in the mountains. Four: I watched “Chernobyl Heart” the other day on HBO and nearly cried. It's about a condition that's affecting kids in the “contaminated region” of Russia where they are born with holes in their hearts. The patch required to fix the holes costs $300 and most of them can't afford it so most of them die. Also, I learned that the “sarcophagus” built around the Chernobyl reactor to contain the radiation is leaking and in danger of collapsing, which might cause an even bigger disaster than the one in 1986. If the U.S. has billions of dollars to spend around the world, why not put some toward saving these children and securing that nuclear reactor? Talk about making the world a better (and safer) place... Five: I should probably start acting like a student or else I'm going to be in trouble. Six: Girlfriends who buy you cool jeans that make you look like not so much of a slob are cool. Seven: I don't have a seven, it's just lucky. It's never lucky for me, but I heard a rumor. Eight: Blawg Wisdom has been serving up tasty morsels recently. You should check it out. Or, do not pass go and proceed directly to the Legal Theory Lexicon. It kicks geek bootay. Nine: I do not believe I just wrote “bootay.” The accent is on the last syllable, you know. Ten: You know you're a geek when you want this for Christmas.

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