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September 05, 2005

#16: An Interview with Deborah Schneider

This special back-to-school episode of Ambivalent Voices (http://mowabb.com/ai/voices/) features a conversation with Deborah Schneider, co-author of Should You Really Be A Lawyer?

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The conversation ranges over such topics as:

  1. Avoiding the herd mentality.
  2. Ways to tell the difference between law school being just difficult and when law school is just not for you.
  3. Using informational interviews to explore different practice areas and figure out where you might fit in the legal profession.
  4. How law school could be more useful and less stressful. See also Humanizing Law School.
  5. Why making law school better depends on law students helping each other.
  6. Different ways to approach the job search—organizing your options into helpful and manageable categories so you can find the best fit for you.
  7. Helpful job-search reading, including: "The Official Guide to Legal Specialties" (Lisa L. Abrams, National Association for Law Placement), "America's Greatest Places to Work with a Law Degree & How to Make the Most of Any Job, No Matter Where It Is" (Kimm Alayne Walton, Kimm A. Walton), and "What Can You Do With a Law Degree?: A Lawyer's Guide to Career Alternatives Inside, Outside & Around the Law" (Deborah Arron). See also JDBliss.
  8. The importance of networking to the job search and five ways to make it simple.
  9. What to do if you finish law school and think you don't want to practice law.
  10. And more!
In addition to generously offering her time and expertise for this interview, Deborah invites you to send her your own questions about law school and the legal profession so she can offer answers and advice on her blog.

Thanks, Deborah, for a great interview!

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