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March 03, 2003

Safari, Pith, Kung-Log

Good morning, Mac users! Oh, and hi to everyone else, too, but for Mac users who are enjoying Apple's new browser, Safari, I recommend you also try Pith, which will help you keep track of open windows. The newest, yet still apparently unofficial, Safari beta (v62 -- look in the comments to this post for download links that may or may not still work) includes Mozilla/Netscape/Chimera style tabs, but you may still find Pith a helpful addition to your browsing experience.

If you use a Mac to post to a Movable Type blog, Kung-Log is a little application that is likely to make your life a little easier. Like w.bloggar and blogBuddy for Windows, Kung-Log allows you to post to your weblog without opening a browser and going through the "add new entry" page. It can also retrieve recent entries for you to edit, it can save drafts that you're not ready to post, it and -- best of all -- it offers a customizable HTML menu to allow you to insert any little bit of code you want with just a click. This menu is so smart that if you have a URL copied on the clipboard and select "url" from the HTML menu, the URL you've copied will automatically be pasted into an href tag with the cursor waiting at the appropriate place for you to fill in the link text. I'm telling you, this is is slickness. (For more related options, some of which work w/Blogger, see MT Resources.)

I'll stop geeking Mac now, thanks.

Posted March 3, 2003 06:20 AM | meta-blogging

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