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March 03, 2003

Welcome Parentals

Posts at ai will likely be less abundant than usual in the coming weeks because during that time I will be entertaining my kind, generous, and ever-patient parents with a multitude of home-improvement projects. Time is flying by and the first day of law school will be here before I know it. But before that can happen, along with applying for financial aid and finally deciding exactly where to go, I also have to get my house ready to sell (if you want to buy a tiny cottage in the middle of a sea of corn, let me know), and that means repairing walls and ceilings and painting everything, installing new carpet and tile, finishing that rewiring project I started, oh, two years ago, and on and on. It promises to be tons of fun, actually. I'll let you know how it goes...

Posted March 3, 2003 06:54 AM | meta-blogging

I would kill for a little cottage in a field. Too bad you're not around here...

Posted by: Nikki at March 7, 2003 09:11 AM

Oops. I think that description was a bit overly romantic. By "sea of corn" I meant basically the state of IL. The shack (my "home") is actually in a town, on a regular residential street (but a nice one!), without a single stalk of corn in sight. The nearest cornfields are about 10 blocks away. So I exaggerated maybe, but the place has a certain appeal. Think small, think quiet, think secluded -- my house sits so far back on its long lot that people are always driving by three times before they find the place. Charming, really. And it's going cheap...

Posted by: ambimb at March 7, 2003 10:20 PM

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