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October 20, 2004

aliunde, world on fire...

One: Aliunde would be a great name for a blog. It means “from another source, from elsewhere; from outside.” Example in context: “[Co-conspirators' statements are admissible over the objection of an alleged co-conspirator, who was not present when they were made, only if there is proof aliunde that he is connected with the conspiracy. . . . Otherwise, hearsay would lift itself by iits own bootstraps to the level of competent evidence.” Glasser v. United States, 315 U.S. 60 at 74-75 (1942). Because really, everything you see here is aliunde. By the way, the above is not good law. Hearsay evidence is allowed to bootstrap itself to competence at the discretion of the trial judge. Bourjaily v. U.S., 483 U.S. 171. Two: Sarah McLachlan's new song, “World On Fire,” is great. The video is also awesome—it describes how she spent $150,000 on social justice instead of wasting it on a stupid video. Think how much better the world would be if every penny put into music videos went to social justice efforts! Oh, wait, then there would be no more music videos, but this would be a problem how? Three: What does Sinclair Broadcasting think it's doing? You may be hearing reports that it has agreed not to show the anti-Kerry propaganda film it was going to show. Maybe, but don't believe the hype. The company has lost $140 million in market value already over this shenanigan; why not just force it into bankruptcy and take back those airwaves? Maybe it's time for ACT or MoveOn to raise funds to buy some tv stations. ;-) Four: Greens for Impact is trying to get Nader supporters to vote for Kerry. I keep dreaming that Nader's going to call a press conference and humbly ask all his supporters to vote for Kerry. The nation's respect for him would skyrocket, and it might be just what Kerry needs to put him over the top. What can I say? I dream a lot. Five: I know nothing about baseball, but I really really want the BoSox to win game 7 tonight. The Yankees seem like Bush, Microsoft and all other anti-democratic bullies. Boston is the underdog, the team fighting for the little person, the Kerry, the Apple Computer here. Ok, like I said, I know nothing about baseball so what am I talking about? I just want Boston to win.

Posted October 20, 2004 08:22 AM | lists

Boston... the team fighting for the little person? I'll concede they are the underdogs, but only because they are playing the Yankees. But the team for the little guy? No. They spend almost as much money on players as the Yankees. They're the little guy like Ford is the little guy compared to GM (or is it the other way around?)

Posted by: Unreasonable Man at October 20, 2004 08:57 AM

See, I told you I didn't know anything about baseball! The only thing I know is that the Yankees are rich and some people say they've bought their success by spending the most $$ on good players. Now you're telling me Boston has done the same, just not quite as bad? Well then, the two teams are perfect analogs for the presidential candidates, aren't they? Niether Bush nor Kerry is truly "good," but one has played dirtier than the other all along -- that would be Bush. So Kerry's the only real choice, just like Boston is the only real choice.

I must remember to stay away from sports/politics analogies though. They can only get me in trouble.

Posted by: ambimb at October 20, 2004 11:56 AM

Yes, go Sox! And more importantly, I gave to MoveOn the other day. Of course, I don't know if they'll buy a tv much tv station can less than $100 buy?

Posted by: E. McPan at October 20, 2004 08:01 PM

Go Red Sox! As someone said, this has to be Boston's year. Kerry and the Sox!

Posted by: monica at October 20, 2004 11:00 PM

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