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March 23, 2006

Sell your law school debt on ebay!

Speaking of student loan debt, Asian Provocateur points to one of her classmates who is offering us all the chance to help him pay off his loans on eBay.

My name is Erik Mayans. I am currently a law student in my third year of law school. I have done well in school, but I have a problem. A huge problem that only gets more unmanageable as the interest continues to pile on. I am talking about my law school debt, which is currently well above $50,000.00. In less than three years, I have put myself in over $50,000 of debt to cover tuition expenses.

So, in my effort to escape this crushing debt load, I am going to make you a deal. Before I do, I want to ask you one question. When you give to charity, does it make you feel good? Satisfied?

Well, that's what I am offering. Your personal satisfaction!

By making a donation to help me pay off my crushing law school debt, you will be helping a young law student pay off his tuition debt, and that just may give you some of the personal satisfaction that you're searching for. So reach into your hearts, give a little (or a lot!) and get a lot in return--satisfaction! Along with the feeling of warmth and goodness you will get by helping me, you will also receive a personalized thank you card!

Sounds like a great idea! Can't you spare $5 for Erik? And hey, since my debt is more than three times what his is, how about you send me $15? If 10,000 of you would pitch in you'd be making my life infinitely better!

On a totally unrelated note and also from Asian Provocateur, if you're a fan of Russian figure skater and gold medalist Evgeni Plushenko, you have to see this video.

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He only has $50K in debt. What the heck is he complaining about? He's getting out ahead!

Posted by: Unreasonable Man at March 23, 2006 10:12 AM

You would be amazed at what people will do. When Henry the cat was having expensive major health issues a couple of years ago, E. (without my knowledge) actually set up some eBay auctions of artistic Henry photos with a sad plea--buy photos, save cat's life. I stumbled across the listing and was sort of horrified--I would have thought it was a complete scam. But he got all sorts of supportive emails, and the woman who won the auction (for only a few dollars) paid a couple hundred bucks through PayPal and told E. to keep the photos! I was flabbergasted.

Maybe sick cats have more pull than law school debt.

Posted by: raquel at March 24, 2006 09:34 AM

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