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April 23, 2003

Better Idea Good

What are the advantages and disadvantages of inherited wealth? Check out gtexts for a great discussion of that question. [Link via sua sponte.]

Imagine a world where you don't inherit anything because all property of the dead escheats to the state, but the money is used to radically reduce or eliminate the income tax.

Public policy questions like this are what will make law school fun.

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I meant to post this days ago, but better late than never: Greg Goelzhauser's analysis of the latest law school rankings offers another perspective on the tragedy of the rankings. Interesting explanation of how Mason is gaming the system. [Link via jd2b, I think.]

This rankings situation—in which the vast majority of law school deans say the rankings are meaningless, while employers often value little else—is clearly a farce. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the contradictions and frustrations of the law school/the legal profession.

Ok. I'll go be bitter and cynical somewhere else now.

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