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June 20, 2004


If you were ever a reader of Cooped Up, a blog by IU-Indianapolis Law Professor Jeff Cooper, you'll be glad to know his hiatus from blogging has been broken with a couple of posts describing a breakthrough in his son's development. For those who aren't familiar with the story, Professor Cooper was a prolific blogger who suddenly stopped posting last October when he learned that his son, Noah, had a developmental delays and possible hearing disabilities. Seven months later, it sounds like Noah is beginning to do much better. Hooray!

On a light note, Professor Cooper's story should settle the Apple v. Dell debate once and for all — in favor of the magical Macintosh, of course. ;-)

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Unexpectedly What?

As part of my research for this article I had a couple dozen windows/tabs open in Safari when it decided to "unexpectedly quit." Nice. Stuff like that almost never happens w/Apple software, but I've found if it's going to happen, Safari is going to be the culprit. Oh well.

On the positive, thanks again to everyone who responded to my questions about law school and blogs, and to those who commented here. The deadline for the article is basically here, so if anyone wants to get in any last minute thoughts, now's your chance. Best/worst experiences, anecdotes (i.e. the first time you saw a stranger reading your blog, the first time you learned a prof was reading your blog, etc.), what you've gained from blogging — it's all fair game and most welcome.

Finally, I have lots of notes from the ACS Convention, and other topics that I'll share just as soon as this article is put to bed. For now I'll only tease you a little by saying that Judge Guido Calabresi did not say G. W. Bush was either Hitler or Mussonlini, he merely said that Bush "came to power" in the same way as those two historical figures. Nor did Justice Breyer say that the best thing about the "rule of law" is that the Supreme Court can do anything it wants and everyone will swallow it like good subjects should. At least not in so many words. I'll explain soon. Meanwhile, if anyone finds reports about the convention in the news or on blogs somewhere, I'd love to know about them so I can see what others thought.

Back to work...

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