A special happy birthday candle to celebrate one year of photos here at ambivalent images.
ambivalent images. As crazy as it seems, I bought this candle in South Australia during the month I spent there in the spring of 1992 (I think; you know you're getting old when you can't figure out years like that). Since then, I have moved it around in boxes, shut it up in cabinets, and displayed it on shelves. Now, for the next decade that I move it around with me, this candle will have this additional meaning—it helped mark the one year anniversary of this site. Although I thought briefly about ending this photo-a-day project at this one year mark, I quickly decided to continue for another year. . . or at least for the time being. I'm still having tons of fun with the project and it often helps me look more closely and in different ways at the world around me, so it still seems very worth the small effort it requires. Thanks to everyone who has visited in the last year and especially to those who return regularly and to those who comment now and then. If you have suggestions or requests or tips for making these images better or more interesting, I'd be happy to hear them! Please leave a comment on a photo page or contact me via email using the link at the bottom of the about page. As noted on the “about” page, I've made a few very small changes for the coming year. Most importantly, I've added a growing list of links to other photoblogs I enjoy checking in on when I get the chance—you'll find it on the right side of the Archives page, and I encourage you to visit them for to see some really terrific images. I've also recently begun categorizing the photos (using pretty broad categories) and the archives are now broken down into monthly pages, as well as category pages, for whatever that's worth. You may also notice that the vertical photos are now larger; instead of resizing so the vertical photos are only 480 pixels tall, they are now 640x480, just like the horizontals. Compare, for example, this small vertical from last December with this larger vertical from last week. This may make them harder to view on small monitors (I only have a 12“ myself), but it always seemed like the verticals were being short-changed when they had to be sized so small before, so now they're even with their horizontal friends.
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