A police radio tower on Georgia Ave.

The tower from a different persepctive.
A police radio tower on Georgia Ave. This thing is not just your average communications tower. Someone put some obvious thought into its design so that it's almost beautiful. Unfortunately, even though it's about as cool looking as something like this can be, it still makes the neighbors mad. Note all the little prongs sticking off the edges of the tower toward the top. A local resident told me that it's common for ice to form on these things—sometimes a lot of ice. When the whether warms up, the ice comes crashing down in great big chunks that damage nearby property and put lives at risk. The police frequently have to close the streets next to this tower because of the risk posed by falling ice. The city apparently promised long ago to put electronic heaters on the tower so that ice couldn't form, but that hasn't happened in the 15-20 years that the tower has existed.

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