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September 22, 2005

Blawg Review #24 & Improving Law School

Jaybeus Corpus posted a great Blawg Review on Monday. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. And since the next one will be right here at the imbroglio, please be sure to submit your best posts—both those you've read this week and those you've written. A good Blawg Review depends on you!

But in keeping with the theme of late, Blawg Review #24 contains a link to a great post from the [non]billable hour about how to improve law school from a blawgger's perspective. There are lots of great ideas in there; I especially like

  • 9.  Ignore big firms.  Seriously. 
  • 11.  Guarantee student satisfaction. (By making the first semester free!)
  • 12.  Remember, the law is not rocket science.

On the other hand, #2, “Bring in BarBri as a curriculum consultant,” seems like a royally awful idea. One of the problems w/law school is that it teaches too much for tests already at the expense of teaching practical skills and knowledge; bringing in BarBri is only like to exacerbate that problem.

Number 4, “Auction off legal research access to West or Lexis,” is interesting and it would be a good start—Wexis should definitely have to pay more for its captive audience—but I'd definitely take this further: Put Wexis out of business, either by using eminent domain to buy them out (replacing their for-profit services with non-profit analogues), or by simply creating a publicly-funded competitor that offers the same material for free to anyone with an internet connection.

Isn't it fun to dream?

See also: A recent survey of which schools produce the most BigLaw Drones Associates.

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I think only COOL people (like us!) should be allowed in law school -- no more mean kids!

Posted by: energy spatula at September 22, 2005 02:29 PM

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