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November 09, 2005

Blogroll Dive #2: Let's burn this law school down.

Energy Spatula has a great rant against the stupidity that is law school, a story about the Dating Protection Program, and she's like this close to getting a job she wants if only the drycleaner doesn't ruin her chances. I am jealous. Maybe I should, like, at least apply for jobs. You think?

Scoplaw is working on a brief for the SCOTUS and celebrating Georgetown's success at raking in the public interest funds—their auction just pulled in a record $75k! Congrats to GULC's EJF. Why why why can't we do this at GW?

Mackenzie is getting published—his case note was accepted for publication next summer. Congrats, Mackenzie!

Dave! is getting excited about BlawgThink, apparently a legal blogging conference that's going to happen this week in Chicago. He can also tell you a lot about cheese.

Half-Cocked notes that in Dover, PA, the town that is currently the subject of a court case to determine whether school teachers should teach intelligent design, all the Intelligent Design proponents on the school board lost their bids for reelection. He's also recommends you add Chili-5-ways to your weekly menu. With the coming cold weather, I'm thinking that sounds like a fine idea.

Monica Is happy she doesn't have to apply for financial aid again next year. Me, too! Now if someone would just give us jobs.... (Ok, yeah, I have to apply first, I know. This seems to be a recurring theme.)

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