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February 09, 2005

Guest Post: Life Sans Blogging—A response to some ??s by Mr. Imbroglio

Ed. Note: Today's Imbroglio is brought to by DG, formerly of Ditzy Genius, who generously agreed to share w/us the following update on life in DG-land after I pestered her with questions about what life might be like sans-blog. Thanks, DG! To get the full effect, imagine this post topped by a bright orange banner of flowers. Quote of the Day - Almost Everyday: “You haven't posted to your blog yet.” - KD, who doesn't necessarily want to read my ramblings but likes making the quote of the day. I'm enjoying life without blogging. It had become part of my daily routine and when I first stopped it was actually kind of weird. I would see a funny article or hear a funny quote and think, ha, I have to put that on my blog but alas there was no more blog. I do miss it sometimes and I think to myself: I should start up my blog again. I even went as far as to tell a friend that I would restart it. Now he mentions it every time we chat online (see above quote). It's only because he misses being the quote of the day every once in a while. :-) I find that in place of blogging I play more games online. I've gotten fantastic at Bejeweled! Woo, that game is addictive. I don't think blogging or the lack thereof has had any effect on my performance or enjoyment of law school. That being said, I have some policies in place that I'm not sure if I blogged about before but have greatly added to my enjoyment of law school. The first of which is I stopped checking my grades after the 1st semester of 1L. I think grades are useless so I decided it wasn't worth the 30 seconds it takes to look. I've decided that I will look at them in May 2006. This always brings up a slew of questions so let me answer them for you:
  1. What do you do about employers/your resume? Well, at my school you can look at your GPA and class rank on a totally different screen than the one that shows all of your actual grades. I put my percentile on my resume and no employer ever asks about my specific grades. The only people that ask are classmates (the ones that are wonks). Answering them gives me the opportunity to be incredibly smug sometimes. Rest assured, I always take the opportunity. Answers to this range from I don't know, I didn't check to I don't know but I'm sure I got an A.
  2. Well, don't you ever have to get your transcript? Yup, and I always get an official one that's sealed in an envelope.
  3. Aren't you curious? Uh, not really. It's just letters on a piece of paper. My GPA has changed .02 since my 1st semester and I am in the exact same percentile with the exact same rank as I was before. I'm sure if my percentile dropped dramatically I'd look. At this point it hasn't come up.
  4. So you don't know any of your grades since 1L? Well, that's not true. My policy has been ruined twice by professors. So I know two of my grades. And anyway, I could probably guess what they are.
  5. So why don't you look, really? I find that I enjoy classes a lot more because I'm just there to learn rather than to excel. I suggest that people try it. I actually know one other person who does not check. I'm sure it was pretty obvious from my blog before that I just didn't care about them but now it's at the next level. In addition, it bothers me to see how they change people's attitudes. Some people become incredibly depressed over them, others become incredibly prickish. I'm starting a movement to deemphasize them. Yale has got it right - pass/fail is the way to go. Everyone else should join my movement.
I'm still amazed that people still read my blog. Most people still have it linked so someone new will stumble on it and send me an email or an IM. I enjoy that a lot. I still read blogs, but only my favorites. I still talk to other bloggers online which I really enjoy. My run-ins with random hilarious people have become fewer and far between - this might be the suckiest part of law school. You asked about summer jobs. I ran the OCI marathon back in the fall for some stupid reason and got offers but only from firms. I think I've said this a million times but I don't want to work at a firm. There's nothing wrong with it and I enjoyed my experience this summer, but criminal law is where I want to be. I want to be either a prosecutor or a public defender (probably the latter not the former). Those two things seem radically different, but I don't think they are. So, I rejected all offers and have just begun the process of sending out my resume to prosecutors and pd offices. If that fails, my summer employer told me that if I change my mind, I should give them a call. Lest you think everything is all sunshine and roses, it ain't. I still hate the midwest, probably more than before. It's not a bad place really. I think it's just my own crappy attitude. I alternate between being ok with this and having a somewhat bad disposition. Anyway, what am I doing now? I'm still going to classes and I'm enjoying them. I'm taking Crim Pro/Evidence/Professional Responsibility/Pre-Trial 2. Crim Pro is my favorite. I succeeded in scheduling my classes on only Monday and Wednesday. This sounds more relaxing than it is. It seems like I always have something to do on Thurday and Friday. I do get all of my reading done for the week on the weekends and that's nifty. I still clerk at the tax court. Who knows why? I like it most of the time, at other times it's boring. I'm still on law review, which doesn't suck nearly as much as it did in the beginning. The law review office has become my new study place (what with the big leather chairs and the tv and food) and I've made some buddies on there. I'm even thinking about running for the board. I've deciced to write my comment on decriminalizing prostitution. My faculty reader is totally against my assertion that it should decriminalized (on moral grounds, not necessarily legal) and this has led to some interesting conversations and what is turning out to be a pretty decent comment, (in my opinion, of course). If you've never had a discussion with one of your professors about the differences between prostitution and the actors in hardcore pornography, I suggest you try it. It will make life that much more interesting. ha! It also freaks people out who are walking by the office but that's what they get for being nosey. I still go to a lot of movies. I have not been watching as much T.V. as I would like. :-) 24 is back on but I have a night class this semester so I tape it. Married with Children comes on at 1 A.M. Update on the Enemies: I have added AT&T wireless to my enemy's list. I know that they have been taken over by Cingular and are basically dead, but they are still an enemy. I wondered how the evil squirrels were communicating and now I know. Last but not least, will my blog be coming back? Maybe. Everytime I think about restarting it, I get busy and forget. So I guess that's a maybe. It's also a maybe not. Anyway, I've rambled long enough. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Ambimb goodness....Toodles!

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Stay Tuned...

I've got to prepare for class (reading Hart and Wechsler's!) so no time for a real post, but come back later today for a special treat—a guest post from a legendary blawgger! Oh, and on the Hart & Wechsler's, I feel compelled to clarify that I understand many of the questions are not intended in the least to be anything other than questions. Much of the material the book covers involves legal issues to which there really are no “correct” answers, so the book is attempting to raise the issues and get readers to think for themselves. That said, I still think it's a crap approach b/c the authors certainly have opinions about the issues they raise. I'd prefer they state their positions, then discuss competing views as thoroughly and fairly as they can. The pretend neutrality they attempt to achieve through the questions is disingenuous and a little bit condescending, as if the authors thought readers would just blindly follow their positions on these issues if they (the authors) were more honest and straightforward about what those positions were. Wait, didn't I say I had reading to do? More later....

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