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February 11, 2005

Hey! You can't say that!

Ward Churchill: Discuss. Consider: UPDATE: See also a lengthy post with many links and heated discussion in the comments at Three Years of Hell. I'm actually kind of surprised—although I don't know why I should be—to find AR come down as he does (I won't try to characterize his position since that will only be begging him to tell me I got him all wrong). Also, more from The Yin Blog, here, here, here, and here. UPDATE II: Thoughts from Carey and his readers, including links on the subject from Profs. Leiter, Bainbridge, and Volokh. Also Dahlia LIthwick's perspective on Slate. All of them appear to dismiss what Churchill has to say (Volokh calls it a “horrific screed” and Bainbridge says Churchill is an “ass”), yet seem to think they're taking the high road by saying that he shouldn't be fired just because he said some things that sound crazy. My original point in posting about this has been made fairly well: Rather than giving any serious consideration to the content of Churchill's words, people have occupied lots of energy and effort arguing about whether he should be allowed to say them at all. That's what passes for free speech and public discussion of what might be the most crucial topic in contemporary American history (by which I mean 9/11 and why it happened). Very very sad.

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Bright Eyes

I'm not sure why, but I'm just addicted to Bright Eyes recently. Maybe it's because “Conor Oberst” is such a cool name, or maybe it's because I've mostly missed all the hype surrounding him so all the music sounds fresh and new and real to me. Or maybe it's just the plain greatness of lyrics like this:
No one ever plans to sleep out in the gutter. Sometimes that's just the most comfortable place. . . . So when you're asked to fight a war that's over nothing, it's best to join the side that's gonna win. And no one's sure just how all this got started, but we'll make 'em goddamned certain how it's gonna end! Oh yeah we will. Oh yeah we will!
— “Road to Joy” from I'm Wide Awake It's Morning, courtesy of Super D., the bestest friend ever. I hope Mr. Oberst is right.

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